Equipping Biblical
Church Leadership
in Haiti

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Supporting Christian Leadership
and Education

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Meet Our Professors

Dedicated. Faithful. Knowledgeable. 

Our professors are dedicated to the mission and vision of More Than Bread. They faithfully commit their hands, their knowledge and their hearts to investing in the spiritual leaders of this community.

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Our Current Courses

theology. tools. application. 

The Students of the Bible Institute of Grand Goave must successfully complete a variety of courses and electives to complete their plan of study.  In total, students must accumulate 80 units to graduate.

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Meet Our Graduating Class

students. leaders. pastors.

There are three potential graduates for the first graduating class of the Bible Institute of Grand Goave, scheduled to take place in June, 2019. Each of the three candidates is on pace to successfully complete all required coursework to receive a Bachelor of Theology degree. 

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Our Building Expansion

growth. discipleship. impact.

In order to accommodate more classrooms, a chapel for student body services, as well as an additional office for one of the instructors, More than Bread agreed to add an upper level above the original Bible Institute location. 

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More Than Bread
is committed to
training and raising up
Biblical leadership in Haiti.

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Dedicated to Spiritual Transformation…

More Than Bread is dedicated to the spiritual transformation of Haiti. We believe that training starts with one. One man at a time can change his family, his neighborhood, his church, his village, and this nation. Click on the link below to see the annual report of how we are taking steps to make this happen.

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