Our 2019 Graduating Class

There are three potential graduates for the first graduating class of the Bible Institute of Grand Goave, scheduled to take place in June, 2019. Each of the three candidates is on pace to successfully complete all required coursework to receive a Bachelor of Theology degree. The graduates include a senior pastor of a church in Grand Goave, an assistant pastor of a church in Foche (a neighboring town of Grand Goave), as well as a Christian Education Director of a church located in Grand Goave. 

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Lukner Mestiné

Luckner Mistiné has been a student since July 2014. He serves as Senior Pastor at his church and preaches in various other ministries. “The school has enabled me to mature spiritually by helping me better understand the Bible. In addition, I’m now more equipped to care for God’s flock. As I live the Christian life daily, I pursue a consistent prayer life, fear the sovereign God, and seek to be more attached to His word as His Spirit empowers me.”

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Enock Senevil

Enock Senevil has been a student since July 2014. He is an Assistant Pastor and is involved in various teaching and preaching ministries. “The school has really helped me master the process of preparation for teaching and preaching, especially with the books we use for our respective courses and the resources in our school’s library.”

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Jeudi Bernard 

Jeudi Bernard has been a student since July 2014. He serves in Christian Education and preaching at his church. “This school has helped in many ways. 1) The conferences in various subjects have helped me grow in my understanding of the local church. 2) I have received books and courses at an incredible rate. 3) The chapel sermons and the emphasis placed on integrity and authentic Christian living has helped me become a better leader. 4) The school has used God’s word to shape my character leading me to an enduring transformation.”